Film music company MovieScore Media was founded by former journalist Mikael Carlsson in November, 2005. Best known for its two soundtrack labels, MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records, the company has released over 300 score albums and received one Grammy Award nomination and multiple nominations for the ‘Soundtrack Label of the Year’ award by the International Film Music Critics Association.

Among the many acclaimed albums are Merlin (Rob Lane), Let the Right One In (Johan Soderqvist), Pandorum (Michl Britsch), Treasure Guards, Age of Heroes and A Lonely Place to Die(Michael Richard Plowman), Centurion (Ilan Eshkeri), Submarine (Andrew Hewitt), In a Better World (Johan Soderqvist) and The Innkeepers (Jeff Grace).

Apart from his soundtrack label business, Mikael Carlsson also works as a freelance soundtrack producer for other labels, composers and companies. Mikael Carlsson is also a composer in his own right, writing music for television (including the Scandinavian version of hit series Top Model) and concert music primarily for choir. For more information on Mikael’s activities as a composer, please visit www.mikaelcarlsson.com. MovieScore Media also runs concert production company Soundtracks Live! which is devoted to bring the best of film music to concert halls all over the world.