An American Haunting (Caine Davidson)



Caine Davidson makes his impressive feature film scoring debut with the spine-chilling orchestral score for Courtney Solomon’s ghost story An American Haunting, starring Donald Sutherland, Sissy Spacek, Rachel Hurd-Wood and James D’Arcy. Performed by the prestigious London Symphony Orchestra, the music forAn American Haunting is an intense and exciting listening experience. Contrasting atmospheric orchestral writing with aggressive, modernist outbursts of symphonic violence, Caine Davidson shows unusual dramatic skills and a striking musical maturity.

The film is based on true events documented by the State of Tennessee. Between the years 1818-1820, the Bell Family of Red River, Tennessee, was visited by an unknown, unseen presence that terrorized the family. To date, it is the only recorded case in American history where a spirit or entity has caused the death of a human being. The haunting started with strange noises around the farm and the mysterious appearance of a black wolf with piercing yellow eyes. It soon escalated into violent physical contact with family members. The Bell’s youngest daughter was singled out in particular. The Bells searched for rational explanations and ways to rid their house of this entity, but to no avail. The entity would speak to the family in multiple voices that sounded like the wind – promising that one day it would kill.

The subject of over 20 books, the Bell Witch Haunting is the most documented haunting in American history. Even in the modern era, the small Tennessee town where it all started bears witness to the numerous occasions when the entity has come back to haunt its residents.

MMS06005 • AN AMERICAN HAUNTING (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed and conducted by CAINE DAVIDSON
Release date: May 16, 2006


1 Opening 0:45
2 The Warning 1:47
3 Waking From the Nightmare 1:21
4 The Manuscript 1:51
5 Something Evil Here 1:55
6 Entity’s First Attack 1:40
7 Ethereal Girl 2:37
8 Wolf in the Garden 1:47
9 Curse of Kate Batts 1:11
10 Seance 2:01
11 A Violent Attack 2:56
12 Voice in Her Head 2:01
13 Entity’s Reminder 2:46
14 The Cave 3:45
15 Attack on Betsy & Theny 6:20
16 John Bell’s Curse 5:01
17 Carriage Attack 4:14
18 The Truth Revealed 3:47
19 A Promise Fulfilled 2:38

    An American Haunting (Caine Davidson)