Atom Nine Adventures (Robert Gulya)


Hungarian composer Robert Gulya has composed a highly entertaining and exciting adventure score for the independent sci-fi movie Atom Nine Adventures, directed by Christopher Farley, a very passionate filmmaker based in Los Angeles. Featuring the Budapest Symphony Orchestra, Gulya’s score is written in a beautifully traditional swashbuckling style, inspired both by golden age composers such as Korngold and Rózsa, as well as postmodern icons like Jerry Goldsmith and John Williams. Constructing his score using the leitmotif technique, composer Robert Gulya has written a symphonic score that is worthy of any big budget blockbuster!

Says director Christopher Farley, ”Although Atom Nine Adventures was a low budget movie, just listen to the music and you will hear the big budget movie I saw in my head.”

Robert Gulya’s previous credits include the western Truce, the horror film The Boy Who Cried Bitch and Hungarian comedy S.O.S. Love (available for download here).

Instead of rehashing well-known comic book superheroes, Atom Nine Adventures presents a completely new hero who must rescue the world from a technologically advanced villain who plans to take over planet earth.

Please visit the official Atom Nine Adventures web site, which – among many other things – includes a fascinating behind-the-scenes look at the scoring process. Witness the evolution of a new superhero!

MMS07011 • ATOM NINE ADVENTURES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ROBERT GULYA
Release date: October 16, 2007



1. Main Titles 3.10
2. Adam and Jimbot 1.50
3. Incubator 4.13
4. Threat Against Earth 1.59
5. Metallic Parasite 3.58
6. Into the Sky! 4.43
7. Fusion 2.55
8. Risen from the Wreckage 2.19
9. Arriving at the Flugglair 2.23
10. Gremlo Flugg and Margo 2.25
11. The Doom Machine 6.32
12. “Bring Her In” 5.27
13. Atom Nine to the Rescue! 9.29
14. Gigantic Engines 1.46
15. Finally They Kiss and Finale 1.34
16. End Titles and Flugg’s Final Words 2.55

    Atom Nine Adventures (Robert Gulya)