Back in Business (Mark Thomas)


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Opening in UK cinemas on February 9th, 2007, the action comedy Back in Business stars Martin Kemp, Chris Barrie, Stefan Booth, Joanna Taylor, Dennis Waterman and Brian Blessed in a hilarious story about a group of conmen who sets a plan to steal UK’s first space exploration buggy. MovieScore Media’s exciting original soundtrack from the film is composed and conducted by leading UK film composer Mark Thomas (Dog Soldiers, Twin Town, Agent Cody Banks 2, Doogal and The Big Tease) and it was recorded with a 120 piece symphony orchestra at the legendary Abbey Road Studios in London.

Back in Business is MovieScore Media’s second release of music composed by Mark Thomas: last year, the label released Thomas’ acclaimed score for Shadows in the Sun. For instance, Film Music on the Web wrote that the ”newly-founded MovieScore Media should be applauded for their choice to release such a gem”.

Back in Business is directed by Chris Munro, a multi-talented filmmaker whose previous credits include sound mixing on the latest James Bond film, Casino Royale, the intense United 93 and M. Night Shyamalan’s Lady in the Water.

MMS07001 • BACK IN BUSINESS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by MARK THOMAS
Release date: February 12, 2007


1 Building the Buggy 2:49
2 Opening Titles 1:29
3 Jarvis 2:04
4 Buggy Reveal 2:38
5 Space Agency 2:42
6 Lab Break-In 3:53
7 Piccadilly Circus 1:18
8 Ambush 2:27
9 Agent Stealth 1:31
10 DIY Store 2:58
11 Genes 1:01
12 What’s the Plan? 1:47
13 The Big Chase 4:34
14 Hotel Foyer 3:06
15 Will Reveal 1:50
16 End Titles 1:19

    Back in Business (Mark Thomas)