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Big City (Erwann Kermorvant)

Big City (Erwann Kermorvant)


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Our second release of rousing orchestral music by Erwann Kermorvant is, just like Un ticket pour l’espace a film produced by Gaumont. Big City is a rare film – a French western – and the composers took the opportunity to write a score that reflects the great musical heritage of the genre.

Featuring infectious themes (the main theme will undoubtedly appeal to fans of Aaron Copland, Alfred Newman and… Bruce Broughton), powerful action with an emphasis on pounding percussion, beautiful romantic writing – and a very charming waltz too – this is a rich and highly entertaining score. Welcome to enter the musical world of Big City and Erwann Kermorvant – you won’t be disappointed!

Be sure not to miss our other Discovery Collection release by Erwann Kermorvant: Un ticket pour l’espace (A Ticket to Space).Both these albums are available exclusively on CD.

MMS10005 • Discovery Collection Volume 8
BIG CITY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (CD only): March 30, 2010


1 Once Upon the Time… 1.49
2 This Means War! 1.35
3 The Good, the Oil and the Beauty 3.48
4 The Battle 1.31
5 The Plan 1.32
6 The Drunk Waltz 2.28
7 First Night Alone 1.48
8 Business as Usual 1.34
9 Cats Chasing 1.22
10 The Trial 1.43
11 Return of the Beauty 2.41
12 Ambush / KKK 1.48
13 The Whip 2.50
14 Monologue 1.32
15 Deadly Solution 1.31
16 Painfull Memories / Face Off 1.51
17 The Last Stand / The Kiss 1.49
18 Farewell 1.11
19 Epilogue / End Credits 4.47

    Big City (Erwann Kermorvant)