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Paul Leonard-Morgan
LEGENDARY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The score for the Dolph Lundgren action adventure Legendary is provided by BAFTA winning, Ivor Novello nominated composer Paul Leonard-Morgan who is rapidly becoming one of the most sought-after film composers in the UK and the US. His most important credits include Neil Burger’s Limitless and Pete Travis’ Dredd, a gritty reboot of the classic comic book character. A highly entertaining orchestral score with a lot of rollicking action music and suspense cues, Legendary features both fun and scary music: tongue-in-cheek caper movie music as well as ominous monster music featuring a low, detuned horn. Available digitally from Just Temptation and on CD from MovieScore Media and Kronos Records, our release of the album coincides with the US DVD release of the film on July 29.

Available on CD from July 8, 2014


Stuart Hancock
THE DESERT TREASURE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

The proud Gulf state of Qatar boasts an enviable catalogue of documentary films commissioned to capture and celebrate the many aspects of its culture and natural history. These movies combine ravishing visuals with equally colourful soundtracks – including these four sumptuous original scores from composer Stuart Hancock. Alongside suites of highlights from Qatar Dream 2030, Written In The Sand and Birdlife of Qatar, we present Hancock’s elegant complete score for The Desert Treasure, which won the Jerry Goldsmith Award for ‘Best Documentary Score’ and the Violette d’Oro for ‘Best Soundtrack’ at the Parma International Music Film Festival. Performed by the Bratislava Symphony Orchestra, the scores are a rich blend of lyrical symphonic western orchestration, Persian instrumentation and contemporary electronics that reflect the grace, mystery, nobility and vibrant colours of this flourishing nation.

Available on CD and digitally from July 8, 2014 


Christopher de Groot
SORORAL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Sororal is Australia’s first Giallo movie and its score, by up and coming composer Christopher de Groot (The Director’s Cut) pays tribute to its Italian origins and unique style. The film is about a woman who is tormented by horrific visions following her from her dreams into her waking life. Currently on route to festivals around the world, the stylish film directed by Sam Barrett is the type of film where music is featured prominently. “Musical score is the heartbeat of the giallo film, no doubt. Christopher has gone beyond that idea and created a truly ambitious and surprising score,” director Barrett said in an interview. The diverse score, which combines electronic and acoustic resources, features among many other elements choral music recorded at the St Paul’s Catholic Church in Perth. Christopher de Groot’s music is some of the most refreshing and eclectic horror music to be heard in a contemporary film – while it’s paying tribute to the genre masters (Goblin, Morricone et al) it is also totally unique, challenging and highly original. A nasty score filled with surprises!

Available digitally from June 8, 2014