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Kristian Sensini
ROCKS IN MY POCKETS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

A winner at the prestigious Karlovy Vary film festival and hailed by Variety as a ‘modern milestone in animated storytelling’, Signe Baumane’s highly original animation feature Rocks in My Pockets contains a charming chamber score by Kristian Sensini. MovieScore Media will release the score in digital stores coinciding with the theatrical release of the film in USA, where Zeitgeist has already premiered the film in New York and Los Angeles with a nationwide release to follow. Sensini’s thoughtful score combines whimsical themes in the spirit of Nino Rota with bittersweet melodies and comedic writing for pizzicato strings and piano. Sensini is a multiple Jerry Goldsmith Award nominee and won the Global Music Award for his score for Hyde’s Secret Nightmare.

Available digitally from September 23, 2014


Ted Masur
BAD MILO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Singled out by many reviewers as one of the film’s most striking features, Ted Masur’s score for the Freudian cult horror movie Bad Milo! has been compared to the quirky music of Danny Elfman - and it’s definitely a valid comparison. With tongue firmly placed in cheek, Masur delivers a very entertaining soundtrack filled with energetic romp and lots of fun. The score prompted noted film music journalist Daniel Schweiger to include Masur on his most recent ‘Composers to watch’ list,  writing that ‘Ted Masur is delightfully up the butt of berserk, bizarro horror comedy scoring with the musical equivalent of an E.C. Comic’. Screamworks Records finally releases this score on CD and digitally - a cult score not to be missed if you ever wanted to know what music best accompanies a film about an alien coming from the darkest place…

Available on CD from September 29, 2014 


The Newton Brothers
PROXY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Previously available in digital format from Screamworks, The Newton Brothers’ score for Proxy is one we truly felt deserved to be released also on CD – so here it is. We feel this is one of this year’s most stylish genre scores, wonderfully – and skillfully! – steeped in the traditions of the famous Brian de Palma/Pino Donaggio and Alfred Hitchcock/Bernard Herrmann collaborations, a quality in the score noted by many critics including Variety. Any fan of the aforementioned composers will enjoy The Newton Brothers’ take on the genre, and this is a much more classical-sounding score compared to their other 2014 major horror score, Oculus. Is there anything more chilling than a horror score written for string orchestra utilizing harmony and melody rather than “cheap” effects? Proxy is certainly case in point!

Available on CD from September 29, 2014