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David Shire
REAR WINDOW (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
MMS14035 • Discovery Collection Volume 13 • PRE-ORDER CD!

David Shire’s Primetime Emmy nominated music for the 1998 television version of Rear Window is our 13th release in our Discovery Collection. Designed as an acting vehicle for the recently wheelchair-bound Christopher Reeve, The ABC production kept the basic premise of the original Hitchcock movie: wheelchair-bound Jason Kemp (Reeve) suspects that his neighbor Julian Thorpe (Ritchie Coster) murdered his wife, but nobody believes him. With the help of his beautiful blonde aide Claudia Henderson (Darryl Hannah), Jason gathers enough evidence to convince the police, but the killer is on to his schemes and confronts the paralyzed man in his own home… David Shire, who is best known for his work on The Conversation, The Taking of Pelham 1-2-3 and Return to Oz, provided a number of brilliant themes for the main characters. Jason’s theme was inspired by Baroque fugues as the counterpoints represent the hero’s attempt to rebuild his nervous system. The film’s main villain is represented by a distant metallic hit, a choice related to the man’s profession (he’s a sculptor working with metals). The third key theme for “the other woman” (a character who replaces the murdered wife) is represented by the EWI, an electric wind instrument featuring a deliberately fake representation of a saxophone.

Available on CD and digitally from September 2, 2014


Víctor Reyes
GRAND PIANO (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)

Previously available digitally from MovieScore Media, we are now proud to release the International Film Music Critics Award winning Grand Piano on CD. Directed by Eugenio Mira, this high-concept thriller has been described by reviewers as “Speed with a piano”. The plot focuses on concert pianist Tom Selznick who finds an odd note on his sheet music prepared for his next concert – he must play flawlessly or someone will die. Considering this is one of the hardest piano pieces ever, Tom must defeat his inner demons to complete the mission and give us enough time to solve the mystery. Starring Elijah Wood and John Cusack. Making his MSM debut is composer Víctor Reyes, who is one of the great emerging talents of the Spanish film music scene with several great international credits to his name. Building upon the traditions of classic Bernard Herrmann scores like Hangover Square or The Man Who Knew Too Much, Grand Piano also features an original concert piece taughtly integrated into the plot. Víctor Reyes himself described his work as an “Octopus Concerto” as the player would need eight hands to play it properly – yet pianist John Lenehen excels at delivering a gripping performance for all three movements. Very few movies look at the music as a central character as opposed to a simple underscore, but Grand Piano knows is greatest asset and allows it to shine.

Available on CD from September 2, 2014