Cool Dog (Stephen Edwards)



“An extremely good score… It’s a shame that this soundtrack will probably be overlooked because of the film.” (Film Music Media)

An inspired and very entertaining follow-up to his acclaimed score for Finding Rin-Tin-Tin, Stephen Edwards’ music for Danny Lerner’s family movie Cool Dog is wonderfully upbeat and orchestral in the best of Hollywood traditions. Emotional and energetic, positive and youthful!

As we follow the adventures of german sheperd Rainy in the Big Apple, Edwards infuses our journey with great thematic material, exciting action, warm emotions and lots of musical fun. You will even find a few dashes of Goldsmith-ian lyricism in this score!

Working here with the City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra, Edwards – whose score for Ninja we released earlier this year – stands out as one of the most underrated and skilful of the industry’s many veteran composers.

MMS11001 • COOL DOG (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by STEPHEN EDWARDS
Release date (CD/download): January 11, 2011

1 Theme from Cool Dog 3.10
2 No Girl Splat 2.05
3 Ride The Train 0.25
4 No Mutts 2.03
5 Rathole Apartment 1.24
6 Left at Zoo 1.42
7 Follow the Licorice 2.56
8 Raney in Train 0.59
9 Jimmy Gets Picked On 1.29
10 Do You Allow Mutts? 1.03
11 The Warehouse 2.05
12 Chase Your Balls 1.16
13 Bug the Exterminator 4.07
14 Illegal Pet Shop Chase 4.54
15 Raney Shows His Stuff 0.50
16 Raney Find Jimmy 0.54
17Mayhem Flour 3.53
18 Raney Croaks, Uncroaks 4.34
19 Lose The Dog 2.51
20 Raney the Hero 1.29
21 Bullfighter 0.33

    Cool Dog (Stephen Edwards)