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Deadgirl (Joseph Bauer)

Deadgirl (Joseph Bauer)


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Released world-wide in theatres and on DVD in 2009, Marcel Sarmiento’s Deadgirl tells the story about two high school boys who discover an imprisoned woman who cannot die. The novel plot receives an inspired musical treatment courtesy of Joseph Bauer, a talented film composer who has penned several impressive low budget horror scores for titles such as Brutal and Blackwater Valley Exorcism, as well as the current holiday comedy Elf-Man. Bauer always brings a sense of sophistication to the films he scores: an example in the score for Deadgirl are the fine themes and unexpected melodic elements, such as the brief but charming ‘Makeover Waltz’. The score album features additional music and sound design by Phillip Blackford.

SWD0009 • DEADGIRL (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOSEPH BAUER
Release date (digital only): December 18, 2012


1 Deader Than Dead 2:13
2 Trunk and Bike Ride 1:51
3 Thinking About Joann Skinner 2:30
4 The Tunnels 2:26
5 Fate 2:20
6 She Can’t Be Killed 2:52
7 Deadgirl Fights Back 1:37
8 I’m Here to Help You 3:27
9 Daydream 2:13
10 The Makeover Waltz 1:30
11 A Little Taste 2:36
12 The Long Walk 2:26
13 Johnny’s Dead, Man 2:13
14 Revenge 2:14
15 Showdown 3:08
16 JT and Rickie 2:24
17 A Big Decision 3:00
18 Joann’s Theme 2:20

    Deadgirl (Joseph Bauer)