Deadline (Carlos José Alvarez)



“[Alvarez] seems to have a considerable gift and I greatly look forward to hearing more music from him in future.  This album is one of the year’s most impressive to date.” (Movie-Wave)

Scoring his first major feature film, young composer Carlos José Alvarez impresses with the stylish maturity and elegant orchestral writing of a gifted professional who we believe will belong to the Hollywood film scoring elite in the future.

Born of Cuban immigrants, Alvarez is also an accomplished percussionist, but the score for Deadline is very much focused on long melodic lines, beautiful string writing and a very strong sense of atmosphere. Rather than hitting every dark note throughout the story (although there certainly are such moments as well), Alvarez gives this supernatural thriller an emotional quality that makes it shine among thriller and horror scores.

Deadline sadly became young actress Brittany Murphy’s last film. We dedicate this album to her memory.

MMS10014 • DEADLINE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (CD/download): July 27, 2010


1 Main Titles 2.06
2 Lucy and David 1.10
3 Somebody Died Here 3.05
4 The House 1.51
5 First Morning 1.07
6 Haunted Piano 0.51
7 Taking A Bath 1.13
8 An Attempt To Escape 2.24
9 Medication 1.52
10 Transformation 2.27
11 What If Ben Finds Out 1.33
12 But I Belong To You 2.08
13 Miscarriage 2.21
14 The Drowning 5.00
15 The Burial 3.44
16 Following Lucy 1.03
17 Burial Site 4.02
18 Lucy Saves Alice 2.16
19 Set Free 1.25
20 Deadline (Suite for Orchestra) 6.01

    Deadline (Carlos José Alvarez)