Frostbite (Anthony Lledo)


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The winner of the “Best Score” award at the biggest horror film festival in the USA, the Screamfest in Los Angeles, newcomer Anthony Lledo’s Frostbite has impressed audiences all over the world. Written for the Swedish vampire horror film, which won the International Fantasy Film Award at the prestigious Fantasporto festival and recently premiered in the UK, the stylish orchestral score is dark and classicalWhile it pays a very affectionate homage to the genre, it is also a very personal work, showcasing a mature orchestral writing style and a knack for strong themes. This is indeed a very impressive feature film debut score by the 34-year old Danish composer. The gothic music was recorded in Bratislava, Slovakia, conducted by industry veteran Allan Wilson.

This is MovieScore Media’s fifteenth release and its second from a Swedish film, the previous one being the Academy Award-nominated EvilFrostbite is an exciting horror comedy which has impressed audiences all around the world.

Visit the official Frostbite web site here!

MMS06015 • FROSTBITE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: December 12, 2006


1 War 1:23
2 Ukraine 1944 0:53
3 Abandoned Cabin 1:34
4 The Vampire 2:08
5 The Coffin 3:35
6 Saga 0:31
7 Stake Through the Heart 0:48
8 Talking Dog / The Kitchen 2:03
9 Rufus, Lord of Evil 0:30
10 Beckert’s Story 4:48
11 Sebastian’s Transformation 1:46
12 Lamppost Lunch 0:42
13 You Are One of Us 1:39
14 They’re All Dead 1:43
15 The Hunt 2:19
16 There You Are… 0:56
17 Like an X 0:41
18 Annika Stabs Beckert 0:42
19 Hit the Lights 0:57
20 Get the Hell Out of Here 0:41
21 Maria 0:45
22 Frostbite Trailer 1:01

    Frostbite (Anthony Lledo)

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