Heartless (David Julyan)


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“Fans of the composer’s work should appreciate his low-key approach to horror…” (KQEK)

The acclaimed composer of such genre works as The DescentThe Descent: Part 2 and Eden Lake, as well as several scores for director Christopher Nolan (Memento, The Prestige, Insomnia), has composed a haunting score for Philip Ridley’s Heartless, the film that won three major awards at the Fantasporto festival last year. Starring Jim Sturgess, the film has been on release in major territories for a while and was released on DVD in the US in April. Described by reviewer Michael Demtschyna as a “moody, classy score that provides both the shocks as well as some surprisingly moving moments,” Julyan’s Heartless features the composer’s typical mix of emotional string writing (including beautiful cello solos) and “under-your-skin” electronic layers. Thematic material is soulful and moving, action writing hard-hitting and exciting – and the atmosphere and suspense is, as always the case in Julyan’s scores, top-notch!

SWR11003 • Heartless (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by David Julyan
Release date: June 21, 2011


1 Heartless: Main Titles 3.02
2 Demons in the Dark 3.09
3 Journey to Cendrillon 3.04
4 Papa B 4.53
5 New Skin 1.37
6 Weapons Man 1.35
7 Magical Tree 2.39
8 It’s Ten O’Clock 3.26
9 You’re Beautiful 1.31
10 Papa B Returns 4.35
11 Run, Jamie, Run! 3.00
12 I’m Not Afraid 4.50
13 So Many Stars 3.07
14 Into the Dark 1.12

    Heartless (David Julyan)

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