I Capture the Castle (Dario Marianelli)



Our first release in the new ‘Discovery Collection’ series is I Capture the Castle, an acclaimed British 2003 drama with a heartbreakingly beautiful original score by Academy Award-nominated composer Dario Marianelli (Pride and Prejudice, V for Vendetta, The Brothers Grimm, Goodbye Bafana).

I Capture the Castle is based on a novel by Dodie Smith, the author of 101 Dalmatians. Directed by Tim Fywell and starring Romola Garai, Bill Nighy, Henry Thomas and Rose Byrne, the film was released in 2003 and was nominated for several awards, winning the Audience Award at the Film by the Sea International Film Festival. It’s a beautiful drama about a 17-year old woman and her eccentric family, who lives in an old English castle. Her sister is determined to marry their American landlord, and a wedding is arranged – but events spiral out of control as everyone is drawn into a maelstrom of interconnected relationships.

Dario Marianelli’s music for the film foreshadows his Oscar-nominated score for Pride and Prejudice, which he wrote two years after I Capture the Castle. The poetic and melodic orchestral score, orchestrated and conducted by the composer, is among Marianelli’s finest and a quintessential purchase for any fan of his work.

CD edition is limited to 1000 copies.

MMS07004 • I CAPTURE THE CASTLE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music composed, orchestrated and conducted by DARIO MARIANELLI
Release date: May 29, 2007


1. As It (Perhaps) Was 3.27
2. Simpsons 1.33)
3. Heartbreak 3.32
4. The Bear Hunt 1.58
5. Life Is a Beach 2.46
6. Scotney Hall 2.06
7. Cassy Daydreams 4.11
8. Take Him Down! 1.49
9. Rose’s First Night 0.57
10. Farewells 2.17
11. I Knew It Was Love 2.40
12. Cassy Gets Lost 2.49
13. Fragmentary Consciousness 2.00
14. I Am Going to Stay Here 4.33
15. Cassy Takes Off 3.36
16. The Pagan Rites 1.44
17. I Let Everyone Down 3.38
18. The Lansdowne Quickstep 0.41
19. You and the Night 2.32
20. Clair de Lune 4.44

    I Capture the Castle (Dario Marianelli)