Imago Mortis (Zacarías M. de la Riva)


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Young composer Zacarías M. de la Riva is yet another stunning example of the current Spanish film music movement, which has given us great scores by composers such as Alfons Conde, Roque Baños, Javier Navarrete, Fernando Velázquez…

His score for the Italian/Spanish horror film Imago Mortis is a stylish, both dark and beautiful orchestral/choral score that is best described as belonging to the gothic tradition of horror film music. The score was designed to reinforce the fairy tale and gothic aspects of the story and de la Riva used a big orchestra and a chorus for that purpose, hiring the Bulgarian Symphony Orchestra and Chorus.

Starring Geraldine Chaplin, the film, where terror is carried out using ‘thanatography’, opened in Italy in January and is expected to premiere in Spain and other territories later this year.

MMS09013 • IMAGO MORTIS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ZACARÍAS M. DE LA RIVA
Release date: June 30, 2009


1 Following Instructions 3.48
2 Astolfi Stands Up 2.31
3 School 1.27
4 The Thanatoscope 1.21
5 Ars Magna 0.55
6 Watching 2.07
7 Stairs 1.26
8 After First Apparition 0.56
9 Truth 3.05
10 Bruno With Countess Orsini 1.08
11 Aki and Ozu 2.00
12 The Library 1.43
13 Bruno’s Room 1.02
14 Agnus Dei 1.34
15 Bruno in Bed 0.39
16 Beginning 2.04
17 Film 1.22
18 Seb’s Sister 1.01
19 Death 1.50
20 Bruno in Asolfi’s Room 2.00
21 The Cave 1.57
22 Photos 0.38
23 Fumagalli 1.07
25 The Death of Aki and Ozu 1.28
25 Pills 1.43
26 Astolfi and Photograph 1.46
27 He Told Me How to Use It 3.35
28 Perfect Thanatography 1.41
29 Big Window 1.14
30 The Cult 0.58


    Imago Mortis (Zacarías M. de la Riva)

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