Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Special Surround Edition) (Ryan Shore)


In a special project that was suggested to us by composer Ryan Shore and award-winning engineer Lawrence Manchester, we are happy to offer fans of big orchestral horror adventure musicand audiophiles alike the opportunity to explore Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer in 5.1 surround audio.

The award-nominated score has been remastered from the original surround stems to make for a stunning musical and aural listening experience. The original album has been re-edited to create an even more exciting album sequence, including the four-part concert suite that Ryan Shore has constructed from the original score. The album is available exclusively from the MovieScore Media web site in ac3 format (playable using the free VCL player).

A Note from engineer Lawrence Manchester:

“The 5.1 Surround release of the soundtrack to the film Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer provides an opportunity for the listener to hear Ryan’s wonderful score in its best possible presentation.

The depth of the 5.1 sound field and the resolution of the 24 bit mixes allow for a listening experience far more revealing then that available from a traditional stereo CD and presenting the music without the movie’s picture, dialog, and sound effects, enables the listener to hear Ryan’s compositions in a refined manner rarely available to collectors of movie soundtracks. When sitting in the ‘sweet spot’ of the listening position, the listener can hear the score in much the same manner that Ryan did while he was conducting it.

The surround source materials for this album were the original 5.1 music mixes as they were delivered for the film. I then rebalanced and mastered them specifically for a 5.1 home theater listening environment, taking full advantage of the dynamic range and low frequency response available in a home playback system. Finally, some judicious editing created an exciting album sequence to satisfy the listener as though the music was being heard in a concert performance.”

MMD0010 • JACK BROOKS: MONSTER SLAYER (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack – Special Surround Edition)
Music Composed and Conducted by RYAN SHORE
Release date: September 28, 2010


1 Overture – Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer
2 Suite – Battle With the Cyclops
3 Suite – The Legend of the Heart
4 Suite – Tentacles!
5 Suite – Eve’s Situation
6 12 Watson Road
7 Professor Crowley
8 Steam From the Yard
9 Mysterious Hole
10 The Black Heart
11 Reawakening
12 Kicking Ass
13 Counseling Session
14 Many Years Ago
15 The Classroom
16 Jack Is Ready
17 Battle With the Mutant
18 Battle With the Professor
19 The Final Showdown
20 Jack’s New Calling

    Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer (Special Surround Edition) (Ryan Shore)

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