La Mula (Oscar Navarro)



La Mula is an entertaining album, featuring various styles of music intertwined. As a stand alone listen, it entertains just based on the various intertwined styles and instruments. (Melissa Minners, G-Pop)

One of the most lush and broadly romantic scores written for a European film in recent time, Oscar Navarro’s score for La Mula, starring María Valverde and Mario Casas, has been nominated for the prestigious Hollywood Music in Media Award and we are sure this is not going to be the last award nomination Navarro gets for this, his first major feature film score. It’s firmly rooted in the best of film music traditions and recalls the great epic romantic scores by such beloved composers as Maurice Jarre and John Williams.

La Mula‘s thematic richness and carefully orchestrated setpieces, all rooted in a melodic tradition full of passionate Spanish vigour, will be a fan favourite as well as a sought-after soundtrack for fans of the film itself where the music has a prominent role. The orchestral performance and solo parts are beautifully phrased throughout this recording. Yet another collaboration between MovieScore Media and Kronos Records, the album is available both digitally and on CD.

MMS13013/KRONCD024 • LA MULA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by OSCAR NAVARRO
Release date (digital): October 22, 2013
Release date (CD): October 29, 2013


1 Love Story 2:48
2 Castro and Conchi 2:31
3 The Turntable 2:00
4 Friendship 1:53
5 I Am not a Slave to Anyone 1:01
6 The Earrings 1:45
7 Field Day 2:14
8 The Bishop 2:21
9 The Letter 1:38
10 The Bombardment 0:31
11 The Press 1:03
12 Valentina´s Escape 2:34
13 Long Live Castro! 1:58
14 Reviewing the Letter 1:31
15 Discovered 1:13
16 A Young Gentleman’s Gift 0:47
17 Future Plans 3:29
18 The War Is Over 1:19
19 I´ll Miss You 0:53
20 The Outcome 2:01
21 Mule Count 2:00
22 Death of the Ensign 1:22
23 Grand Finale 8:56
24 Trenches (Bonus Track) 3:36


15 Embers 1:20

    La Mula (Oscar Navarro)