Life in One Day (Johan Hoogewijs)


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Flemish composer Johan Hoogewijs’ deeply emotional score for the new Dutch theatrical feature Life in One Day (original title: “Het leven uit een dag”), directed by Mark de Cloe, is a heartwarming, moving and poetic musical work that will remind listeners of such renowned composers as Dario Marianelli, Thomas Newman and Johan Söderqvist.

Based on the novel by A.F. Th. van der Heijden, Life in One Day’s premise is that we live in a world where human life lasts for only one day. Hoogewijs combines orchestra, electronics and solo instruments such as cello and piano in Life in One Day. Just like the film itself, it’s a score that presents a broad range of emotions – all of them with a sense of honesty and despair.

MovieScore Media’s digital release of the score co-incides with the theatrical premiere of the film in Holland on September 3.

MMD0007 • LIFE IN ONE DAY (Het leven uit een dag) (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Arranged by JOHAN HOOGEWIJS
Release date: September 1, 2009


1 Benny’s Birth 1.44
2 Sunrise 2.34
3 Benny at School 1.45
4 Heaven and Hell 2.10
5 Flight 1.30
6 Meet Gini 3.37
7 B & G Dancing 1.01
8 Beach 1.42
9 First Love 4.23
10 Acceptance 0.44
11 Meet Scant 2.25
12 Murder 2.33
13 Execution 2.37
14 Benny in the New World 2.14
15 At the Museum 2.09
16 Benny’s Seach for Gini 2.24
17 Gini Meets Vincent 1.34
18 Bridge 0.49
19 Scant in the New World 1.39
20 Rosalie’s Flair 2.03
21 Meditation 3.16
22 Boyspictures 1.58
23 Shower 1.45
24 Gini With Man in Car 3.24
25 Butterfly 2.40
26 Ballroom 3.20
27 The Fight 2.56
28 Finally Meet Again 3.50

    Life in One Day (Johan Hoogewijs)

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