Merlin (Rob Lane)


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Relive the magic of the new BBC fantasy adventure series Merlin with the exciting soundtrack album which features the epic orchestral score composed by Rob Lane, one of the the most experienced and acclaimed composers of music for lavish UK drama series (Elizabeth I, Jane Eyre, Longford).

Based on a rich thematic approach and colourful musical ideas, Lane’s original score pays tribute to the fantasy film genre – listeners who enjoyed the Lord of the Rings soundtracks or the Harry Potter scores will love the music for Merlin. It’s filled with swashbuckling action, romantic orchestrations, charming scherzos, mystical choral writing and heroic themes.

“Composing the score for this BBC updating of the Arthurian legend has been a great challenge for me, requiring as it does a real diversity of tone from the music. One moment it’s martial heroism that’s needed – the next it’s magical fantasy. Scenes can shift quickly from slapstick comedy to poignant romance or dark horror in a second, and the score has to support these shifts whilst all the time remembering that this is a show clearly aimed at a primetime family audience,” composer Rob Lane says.

The album features music from the first three episodes of the show, “The Dragon’s Call, “Valiant,” and “The Mark of Nimueh”.

MMS08021 • MERLIN (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by ROB LANE
Release date: November 4, 2008.


1 Merlin’s Arrival at Camelot 3.08
2 The Tournament Begins 2.25
3 The Witch’s Threat 2.01
4 Hunith’s Letter to Gaius 1.41
5 Meeting Arthur / Lady Helen Possessed 4.14
6 Fighting in the Market 1.45
7 The Magic Shield 1.03
8 Arthur and Knight Valiant 3.26
9 Merlin Lost 1.41
10 To Morgana 2.31
11 The Burdens of Duty 2.11
12 Breaking the Spell 2.14
13 Plague in the Water 1.33
14 Arthur’s Final Battle 7.34
15 Guinevere 1.31
16 Defeating the Afanc 3.05
17 The Witch’s Aria 3.08
18 The Call of Destiny / Titles 1.56

    Merlin (Rob Lane)

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