Merlin: Series Two (Rob Lane & Rohan Stevenson)


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MovieScore Media follows up last year’s award-nominated Merlin album with a second volume featuring original music from the second series of the very popular BBC fantasy show, currently attracting over 5 million viewers in the UK.

The album features a carefully assembled selection from the second series composed by the Emmy-nominated Rob Lane (the composer of the first album as well as acclaimed scores such as John Adams, Elizabeth I, Jane Eyre, Longford and Tess of the d’Urbervilles) and Rohan Stevenson.

Epic, exciting, romantic, spell-binding and magical music that takes the great standard of the first series of Merlin to an even higher level!

MMS09027 • MERLIN: SERIES TWO (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by ROB LANE and ROHAN STEVENSON
Release date: November 17, 2009


1 Main Titles 0.34
2 Sigan’s Revenge 3.14
3 The Attraction of Evil 3.02
4 Gwen & Arthur 0.56
5 Avalon 4.13
6 The Substitute Knight 1.24
7 The Joust 2.00
8 Myror the Assassin 2.32
9 Lancelot Leaves 1.55
10 The Machinations of Cedric 1.57
11 The Mark of the Raven 1.43
12 Sigan’s Tomb 2.16
13 Settlement Attack 3.47
14 Gaius Arraigned 1.41
15 Farewell to Gwen 1.42
16 The Forged Seal 1.23
17 Lancelot’s Heroism 3.05
18 Morgana’s Nightmares 3.53
19 Hiding Excalibur 2.05
20 Finale 8.58

    Merlin: Series Two (Rob Lane & Rohan Stevenson)

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