Monster Mutt (Christ Walden)


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It is actually a co-incidence that MovieScore Media’s two first releases of 2011 – the first one being Cool Dog – come from family movies where the main star happens to be a dog, but the fact of the matter is that some truly entertaining music is being written for films of this kind.

Monster Mutt is a family movie with a horror twist, and multiple Grammy Award-nominated composer Chris Walden has composed a score that focuses on the youthful excitement and warm emotions of the story.

Performed with wit and spirit by the West Australian Philharmonic Orchestra, Walden’s score features several gorgeous themes as well as some extensive suspense and action writing! Our release of the score follows the US DVD of the film on January 4.

MMS11002 • MONSTER MUTT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CHRIS WALDEN
Release date (CD/download): February 8, 2011


1 Main Title 2.40
2 Looking for Max 1.03
3 School Is Out 1.31
4 Max’s Transformation 2.19
5 Dad Brought Pizza 1.59
6 Noise from the Backyard 3.04
7 Ashley and Dad 1.28
8 Surprise Visit in the Lab 2.18
9 The Boy With Ice Cream 1.55
10 Max in the Night 1.27
11 Anybody Out There 1.27
12 The Vacuum Cleaner 1.14
13 Water 2.40
14 The Garage Door 2.06
15 Broom Fight 1.24
16 Max at the Vet 2.53
17 Max Breaks Out 2.18
18 Max Is Hungry 3.02
19 Break In at the Vet 3.13
20 Fire Rescue 4.56
21 Lab Fight 5.27
22 Monster Puppy 3.30
23 Looking for Max (Reprise) 1.03

    Monster Mutt (Christ Walden)

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