Ninja (Stephen Edwards)


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Stephen Edwards, who is a veteran composer of many exciting action scores, delivers one of his most epic and entertaining soundtracks for the recent Nu Image/Millennium adventureNinja, directed by Isaac Florentine (Undisputed 2) and starring Scott Adkins. His orchestral score is thematic and heroic, and explores the clash of the Japanese and Western cultures in its mix of symphonic colors and ethnic instruments (such as shakuhachis and taiko drums).

To the composer, Ninja was a martial arts love story and you can hear in his music that a lot of emotion went into the musical approach. “To me this film would have been short-changed without an orchestral score – there’s just not the same scope and magnificence without it!” Stephen Edwards says.

We invite you all to enjoy this great action score by one of the most underrated composers in the business.

MMS10019 • NINJA (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by STEPHEN EDWARDS
Release date (CD/download): October 19, 2010


1 Main Title 2.18
2 Fight Ejection 3.45
3 History Lesson 2.40
4 Learn from Casey 1.30
5 Theatre Massacre 2.40
6 Painful Past 1.49
7 Masazuka Turns 2.51
8 Mother Theme 1.31
9 Sensei Killed 5.19
10 Casey’s Solemn Duty 1.14
11 Dart to Da Neck 1.10
12 Police Station Melee 4.18
13 Namiko in Trouble 3.57
14 Whoopass Latte 1.43
15 Yoroi Bitsu History Lesson 0.51
16 Casey the Ninja 4.50
17 Ninja Honor 3.49
18 Namiko’s Waltz 1.22
19 End Credits 3.39

    Ninja (Stephen Edwards)

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