Omaggio a Donaggio (Isabella Turso)


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This artistic project is a tribute to Italian composer Pino Donaggio whom, after the experience linked to the world of pop music devoted himself, with worldwide success, to the creation of soundtracks. Among his most famous scores are the ones he has written for director Brian De Palma: Carrie, Blow Out and Dressed to Kill. His other credits include Don’t Look Now, Seed of Chucky, The Howling, Piranha and Winter in Wartime.
The music on this album, composed and performed by Isabella Turso, are inspired by songs and soundtracks of the Venetian composer, arranged in a classical-pop-jazz idiom. The tracks on the  Omaggio a Donaggio album also became the soundtrack for a video created for this occasion by the artist and composer Eddy Serafini.
This is also the first CD in the Kronos Klassik Series. The album is available digitally from MovieScore Media.

Music Composed by ISABELLA TURSO
Release date (digital): December 17, 2013
Release date (CD): December 20, 2013


1 Dolly’s Kitchen 2:59
2 Carry on! 3:10
3 Let’s Smile 3:02
4 Double Point 3:20
5 Love Box 3:24
6 Fruit 3:42
7 Red Blood Line 3:31
8 Dream “Terra” 3:12
9 At First 4:02
10 Come Volare 3:04
11 P. In Onda Oggi 2:17
12 Blood Falls 3:03
13 Preludio Blu 2:23
14 Very Cool 3:08

    Omaggio a Donaggio (Isabella Turso)

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