Once Fallen (Jeff Beal)



We are proud to be working with the very talented and multiple Emmy Award-winning composer Jeff Beal for the first time. Co-inciding with the US DVD release of the film, our digital album of Beal’s score for Once Fallen showcases the composer’s love for jazz, urban beats and a gritty, urban approach to tense drama and action scoring.

Jeff Beal is best known for his score for Ed Harris’ Pollock, and Harris is also the main star of Once Fallen. Beal’s other credits include television scores such as last year’s Georgia O’Keefe as well as Nightmares & Dreamscapes, Rome, Carnivàle and Monk. Beal’s score for Once Fallen balances its dark and gritty material with tender, beautiful and reflective moments.

If you are a fan of Mark Isham’s jazz-flavored urban film scores, you should definitely check out Once Fallen!

MMD0012 • ONCE FALLEN (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JEFF BEAL
Release date (download only): November 9, 2010


1 Once Fallen 2.25
2 Prison Fight 1.43
3 Let’s Leave Town 1.46
4 Water 2.04
5 There Are No Rules 1.23
6 Liam Explodes 1.50
7 Rath Gets The Coke 2.44
8 Deal 1.07
9 Pearl / Meeting With Liam 2.33
10 Body In The Car 1.09
11 Beat and Liam 1.37
12 The Kidnap 2.21
13 If I Go, You Go 4.18
14 The Kiss 2.01
15 Funny How It Goes 0.58
16 Beat Dies 2.06
17 Father And Son 1.49
18 Reunion 0.55
19 To Chance 2.57
20 A Gift From Beat / End Credits 5.46

    Once Fallen (Jeff Beal)