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Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson

Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson


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Representing MovieScore Media producer Mikael Carlsson’s first album as a composer in his own right, this very special album features a selection of concert works written for mixed à cappella choir.

This is our second release of non-film music, but just as Andrew Pearce’s grand orchestral album Cinema Symphony, the Rainbow Suite and the other choral works featured on Mikael’s album definitely has a cinematic quality.The main work is a 30 minute choral suite in six movements focused on the colours of the rainbow flag and their meaning. Other material include original settings of sacred texts such as O Magnum Mysterium, Agnus Dei and Pater Noster.

Beautifully performed by the Haga Motettkör, conducted by Ulrike Heider, the album is exquisitely recorded by engineer Erik Sikkema who utilized his very own technique to capture a very authentic and vibrant sound of the choir.

Music Performed by HAGA MOTETTKÖR
Release date (download): May 24, 2011
Release date (CD): May 31, 2011


1 Rainbow Suite: 1. Lux Perpetua (Red) 7.05
2 Rainbow Suite: 2. Heal You (Orange) 3.33
3 Rainbow Suite: 3. I Am Your Sunlight (Yellow) 3.42
4 Rainbow Suite: 4. Natural Lovers (Green) 3.48
5 Rainbow Suite: 5. Harmony of Dissonance (Blue) 6.13
6 Rainbow Suite: 6. The Spirit Within (Violet) 5.35
7 Agnus Dei 6.20
8 Pater Noster 3.44
9 Libera Me 2.05
10 O Magnum Mysterium 4.37
11 Det är vackrast när det skymmer 3.26
12 Svit över dikter av Edith Södergran: 1. Nocturne 3.38
13 Svit över dikter av Edith Södergran: 2. Stjärnorna 3.16
14 Svit över dikter av Edith Södergran: 3. Höstens bleka sjö 7.08

    Rainbow Suite: The Choral Music of Mikael Carlsson