Recycling Lily (Philipp Schweidler & Moritz Schneider)



Directed by newcomer Pierre Monard, Recycling Lily is a romantic comedy about a meticulous  garbage inspector who falls in love with the mother of a notorious litterer – an unusual story which is boosted by a warm and very impressive soundtrack composed by Philipp Schweidler and Moritz Schneider, beautifully orchestrated by Robin Hoffmann. Imagine Fellini meeting Tarantino and you have the main ingredients of the score where influences of Nino Rota are juxtaposed by surf rock guitars Morricone style. The orchestral music has a lightness, beauty and charm that is reflected in the main theme (a whimsical waltz) but also in the more emotionally charged pieces such as “Emma Falling” and “Fat and Lonely”. The entertaining soundtrack also features the up-beat song “Nobody’s Perfect” featuring William White which sums up the film perfectly.

The MovieScore Media/Kronos Records release of the soundtrack coincides with the Swiss theatrical premiere of the film. 

MMS13016/KRONCD030 • RECYCLING LILY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date (digital): November 19, 2013
Release date (CD): November 26, 2013


1 Nobody’s Perfect 3:08 (William White)
2 Recyling Lily 1:55
3 The Inspectors 2:10
4 Happy World 2:25
5 Burning Puppy 1:32
6 On the Bike 2:20
7 Fat and Lonely 1:37
8 Cleaning Up Blues 1:27
9 Almost Kissed 2:22
10 Kissed 2:53
11 Cleaning Up and The Crash 1:46
12 Police Arriving 1:24
13 Emma Falling 2:54
14 Australia 2:00
15 Running in the Woods 1:47
16 Carrying Mom 2:24
17 Showdown 1:11
18 Coming Home 3:06
19 The End 1:33
20 Lucky Burger 0:55
21 Recycling Surf 1:00

    Recycling Lily (Philipp Schweidler & Moritz Schneider)