The Screamworks GirlScreamworks Records is the only record label in the world that is exclusively devoted to contemporary horror film music. A sub-division to the acclaimed soundtrack label¬†MovieScore Media (Let the Right One In, Merlin, Centurion, In a Better World, Black Death and more than 100 other score albums),¬†Screamworks is devoted to high artistic quality and great production values. All of the label’s albums are produced with great attention to detail and artistic coherence by Mikael Carlsson, MovieScore Media’s soundtrack producer who is also a composer in his own right, as well as a film music journalist, consultant and lecturer.

We believe that some of the best, most inventive and exciting music written for films is to be found in the horror genre and we know that fans of the genre also have a knack for that dark, spine-chilling quality often inherent in horror scores. A good contemporary horror score can follow in the tradition of the great classics such as Herrmann, Waxman and Bernard, or find its roots in the avant garde of Penderecki, Lutoslawski and Ligeti – or take its very own route combining traditional stylistic vocabularies with totally new concepts. Horror film music is often musically daring and experimental.

MovieScore Media has introduced the soundtrack community to a lot of new, promising composers and Screamworks will do the same. We are proud to be at the fore-front of contemporary film music and if you are looking for the film music stars of tomorrow, MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records is the place to visit regularly.

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