• Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Screamworks Records releases Ted Masur’s acclaimed music for Bad Milo!, the quirky cult horror co-written and directed by Jacob Vaughan. The album is available […]

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  • Hellbenders (Jeff Grace)

    Hellbenders (Jeff Grace)

    MovieScore Media / Screamworks Records issues their tenth collaboration with Jeff Grace by releasing his score for Hellbenders, J.T. Petty’s revitalization of the exorcist subgenre […]

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  • Sexykiller (Fernando Velázquez)

    Sexykiller (Fernando Velázquez)

      CD EDITION OF THIS ALBUM IS NOW AVAILABLE! The acclaimed score for The Orphanage won Spanish composer Fernando Velázquez a lot of fans […]

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  • Beyond Re-Animator (Xavier Capellas)

    Beyond Re-Animator (Xavier Capellas)

      Celebrating the 10th anniversary of the 2003 cult movie Beyond Re-Animator, Screamworks Records releases the world premiere recording of Spanish composer Xavier Capellas’ exciting […]

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  • Strippers vs Werewolves (Neil Chaney / Sodajerker)

    Strippers vs Werewolves (Neil Chaney / Sodajerker)

      Evoking a wonderful 1980s horror movie vibe, Neil Chaney’s score for the UK cult movie Strippers vs Werewolves is effectively combined with a selection of […]

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  • Cockneys vs Zombies (Jody Jenkins)

    Cockneys vs Zombies (Jody Jenkins)

      UK zombie comedy Cockneys vs Zombies features a “satisfying mix of gore and gorblimey charm” (The Telegraph) and caused one critic “lurching forwards […]

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  • The Man Who Collected Food (Daniel Alcheh)

    The Man Who Collected Food (Daniel Alcheh)

      Clearly one of the most original horror film scores in recent time, Daniel Alcheh’s The Man Who Collected Food is a two-fold listening experience where […]

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