• Jeepers Creepers 3 (Andrew Morgan Smith)

    Jeepers Creepers 3 (Andrew Morgan Smith)

    Coinciding with both Halloween and the film’s television premiere, ScreamWorks Records and Quartet Records resurrect the notorious monster of the Jeepers Creepers franchise with […]

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  • Kiss the Devil in the Dark (Gerrit Wunder)

    Kiss the Devil in the Dark (Gerrit Wunder)

      ScreamWorks Records presents the digital release of Kiss the Devil in the Dark, the fantasy short written and directed by Jonathan & Rebecca Martin […]

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  • The Hallow (James Gosling)

    The Hallow (James Gosling)

      WINNER OF THE SCREAMFEST AWARD FOR ‘BEST ORIGINAL SCORE’ James Gosling’s spooky score […] ensure the atmospherics are spot-on from the very beginning […]

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  • The Last Exorcism: Part II (Michael Wandmacher)

    The Last Exorcism: Part II (Michael Wandmacher)

      Screamworks Records presents a truly eerie soundtrack album featuring Michael Wandmacher’s original score from the sequel to the 2010 surprise horror hit The Last […]

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  • Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

    Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

      Although MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records hail from Sweden, we rarely release music from our own backyard – but here is a rare […]

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  • The Shrine (Ryan Shore)

    The Shrine (Ryan Shore)

      Ryan Shore and Screamworks Records are proud to announce that our album featuring the original score fromThe Shrine has been nominated for a Grammy […]

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  • Heartless (David Julyan)

    Heartless (David Julyan)

      “Fans of the composer’s work should appreciate his low-key approach to horror…” (KQEK) The acclaimed composer of such genre works as The Descent, The Descent: […]

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