• Sensoria (Frank Ilfman)

    Sensoria (Frank Ilfman)

      Echoing such genre classics as Jerry Goldsmith’s Poltergeist and The Omen, Frank Ilfman (the composer of the Saturn Award-winning score for the breakthrough thriller Big Bad Wolves, release by […]

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  • Worry Dolls (Holly Amber Church)

    Worry Dolls (Holly Amber Church)

      Following its release of Rites of Spring, Screamworks Records presents the latest collaboration between director Padraig Reynolds and composer Holly Amber Church. The supernatural […]

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  • Dead Souls (Matthew Llewellyn & Jonathan Bartz)

    Dead Souls (Matthew Llewellyn & Jonathan Bartz)

      Screamworks Records proudly presents one of the most impressive genre scores we’ve heard recently: the large orchestral score for the original Chiller movie, […]

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  • The Pact (Ronen Landa)

    The Pact (Ronen Landa)

      “It’s really something special we have here and if the film is just as scary as the score, then I’m not sure my […]

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  • The Innkeepers (Jeff Grace)

    The Innkeepers (Jeff Grace)

      “This is a great release, highlighting another impressive score by Jeff Grace.” (Movie Wave) Winner of Festival Trophy for ‘Best Musical Score’ at […]

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  • The Awakening (Daniel Pemberton)

    The Awakening (Daniel Pemberton)

      “Murphy hooks the audience from the get-go with Edward Grau’s lush cinematography and Daniel Pemberton’s beautifully melancholy score.” – Collider.com Starring Rebecca Hall and Dominic […]

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  • Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

    Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

      Although MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records hail from Sweden, we rarely release music from our own backyard – but here is a rare […]

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  • The Presence (Conrad Pope)

    The Presence (Conrad Pope)

      When MovieScore Media released Conrad Pope’s score for In My Sleep last year, the album was met with great enthusiasm. Ain’t It Cool’s Scorekeeper enthusiastically […]

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