• Frankenstein (Halli Cauthery)

    Frankenstein (Halli Cauthery)

    ScreamWorks Records presents Halli Cauthery’s stylish score for the new Frankenstein adaptation by filmmaker Bernard Rose, best known for directing the 1992 art horror Candyman. In this […]

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  • Creatures of Whitechapel (Gerrit Wunder)

    Creatures of Whitechapel (Gerrit Wunder)

      ScreamWorks Records presents the digital release of Creatures of Whitechapel, the horror fantasy short written and directed by Jonathan & Rebecca Martin and […]

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  • Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Screamworks Records releases Ted Masur’s acclaimed music for Bad Milo!, the quirky cult horror co-written and directed by Jacob Vaughan. The album is available […]

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  • Super Shark (Jeff Walton)

    Super Shark (Jeff Walton)

      Every now and then we like to dig up exciting scores written for cult low budget horror movies. When you read the premise […]

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  • Storage 24 (Christian Henson)

    Storage 24 (Christian Henson)

      Written, produced and starring Noel Clarke, Storage 24 is a science fiction thriller where the horrific story takes off when a military plane with highly […]

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  • Spiders 3D (Joseph Conlan)

    Spiders 3D (Joseph Conlan)

      Featuring a vibrant and exciting score composed by veteran composer and two time Emmy nominee Joseph Conlan (Toolbox Murders, Mortuary, Behind Enemy Lines: […]

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  • Bait 3D (Joe Ng & Alex Oh)

    Bait 3D (Joe Ng & Alex Oh)

      Singaporian film scoring team Joe Ng and Alex Oh (The Maid, Rule Number One) enters a soundtrack genre that is forever associated with […]

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