• Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

    Psalm 21 (Christer Christensson)

      Although MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records hail from Sweden, we rarely release music from our own backyard – but here is a rare […]

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  • Comforting Skin (Alain Mayrand)

    Comforting Skin (Alain Mayrand)

      “It is a measure of Mayrand’s depth of writing and his grasp of the chamber orchestra (as well as the excellent Vancouver recording), […]

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  • Dawning (Nathaniel Levisay)

    Dawning (Nathaniel Levisay)

      “Nathaniel Levisay’s score is a fresh horror assault that will make you squirm. It has great precision in certain moments… I highly recommend seeking […]

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