• Sensoria (Frank Ilfman)

    Sensoria (Frank Ilfman)

      Echoing such genre classics as Jerry Goldsmith’s Poltergeist and The Omen, Frank Ilfman (the composer of the Saturn Award-winning score for the breakthrough thriller Big Bad Wolves, release by […]

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  • Worry Dolls (Holly Amber Church)

    Worry Dolls (Holly Amber Church)

      Following its release of Rites of Spring, Screamworks Records presents the latest collaboration between director Padraig Reynolds and composer Holly Amber Church. The supernatural […]

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  • The Hallow (James Gosling)

    The Hallow (James Gosling)

      WINNER OF THE SCREAMFEST AWARD FOR ‘BEST ORIGINAL SCORE’ James Gosling’s spooky score […] ensure the atmospherics are spot-on from the very beginning […]

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  • We Are Still Here (Wojciech Golczewski)

    We Are Still Here (Wojciech Golczewski)

      ScreamWorks Records presents Wojciech Golczewski’s chilling industrial ambience score for We Are Still Here, directed by Ted Geoghegan. The haunted house horror takes place […]

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  • Across the River (Stefano Sciascia)

    Across the River (Stefano Sciascia)

    Co-written and directed by Lorenzo Bianchini, Across the River (Oltre il guado) is a moody, meditative Italian horror film where one man’s quest for knowledge leads […]

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  • The Brotherhood (La Hermandad) (Arnau Bataller)

    The Brotherhood (La Hermandad) (Arnau Bataller)

    Performed by Barcelona’s Liceu Opera House Symphony and Choir in their first ever film score recording, Bataller’s music for The Brotherhood (La hermandad) combines […]

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  • Thale (Raymond Enoksen & Geirmund Simonsen)

    Thale (Raymond Enoksen & Geirmund Simonsen)

      Following last year’s surprise hit from Norway, Troll Hunter, the fantasy thriller Thale combines Norwegian folklore with contemporary thriller storytelling. The film has […]

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  • The Pact (Ronen Landa)

    The Pact (Ronen Landa)

      “It’s really something special we have here and if the film is just as scary as the score, then I’m not sure my […]

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