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  • Sweet Home (Ginés Carrión)

    Sweet Home (Ginés Carrión)

      ScreamWorks Records returns to the world of Spanish horror films with Sweet Home, the latest home invasion thriller released by Filmax, the company behind […]

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  • The Devil’s Hand (Anton Sanko)

    The Devil’s Hand (Anton Sanko)

      The latest release of ScreamWorks Records entitled The Devil’s Hand guides you into the dark soul of a small and isolated religious community whose depraved […]

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  • Backcountry (Frères Lumières)

    Backcountry (Frères Lumières)

      Dedicated to presenting some of the best soundtracks of independent cinema, the latest undertaking of MovieScore Media and Screamworks Records is Backcountry, the critically […]

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  • El árbol sin sombra (The Shadowless Tree) (Marc Timón Barceló)

    El árbol sin sombra (The Shadowless Tree) (Marc Timón Barceló)

    ScreamWorks Records presents the digital and CD premiere of El árbol sin sombra, the first horror score of composer Marc Timón Barceló (The Little Wizard, Coliseum) […]

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  • Lucifer’s Angels (John DelVento)

    Lucifer’s Angels (John DelVento)

    ScreamWorks Records releases John DelVento’s music for the independent horror film Lucifer’s Angels. The story follows three different groups of people as their paths will […]

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  • [Rec]4 (Arnau Bataller)

    [Rec]4 (Arnau Bataller)

    Coinciding with the film’s October 31 premiere in Spain, Screamworks [Rec]ords proudly presents the original soundtrack for last chapter of the popular [REC] franchise: [REC]4. Written and directed […]

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  • The Maid’s Room (Arturo Rodríguez)

    The Maid’s Room (Arturo Rodríguez)

    Screamworks Records gives the digital premiere of Arturo Rodríguez’s The Maid’s Room, previously issued on CD by Kronos Records. Written and directed by Michael Walker, The […]

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  • Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Bad Milo (Ted Masur)

    Screamworks Records releases Ted Masur’s acclaimed music for Bad Milo!, the quirky cult horror co-written and directed by Jacob Vaughan. The album is available […]

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  • Proxy (The Newton Brothers)

    Proxy (The Newton Brothers)

    NOW AVAILABLE ON CD! Co-inciding with the US theatrical release of the film on 18 April 2014, Screamworks Records releases the music for Proxy, […]

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  • Dead Within (Joshua Bradford & Clayton Worbeck)

    Dead Within (Joshua Bradford & Clayton Worbeck)

    Screamworks Records presents the chilling ambient horror soundtrack to the Canadian survival horror Dead Within, composed by Joshua Bradford and Clayton Worbeck (Stayte, Revolting Cocks, […]

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