Co-inciding with the theatrical releases in France and United Kingdom, and the DVD release in USA, Screamworks Records releases Darren Baker’s experimental and eclectic score to Christopher MacBride’s chilling thriller, The Conspiracy. Taking you to the dark underbelly of conspiracy theories, this part-mockumentary, part found footage horror film, features music by Canadian composer Darren Baker. Musically, The Conspiracy can be best described as an intelligent mixture of György Ligeti and the lo-fi industrialist electronica recently popularized by the film scores of Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross (The Social Network).

Screamworks’ digital release date of September 17 coincides with the most important premiere dates of the film’s worldwide release. The Conspiracy will make its DVD debut in the United States on September 10 (through Anderson Digital) and will be released theatrically in France on September 18 (through Ouranos Films) and in the UK on October 12 (through Arrow Films).


SWD0012 • THE CONSPIRACY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DARREN BAKER
Release date (digital): September 17, 2013


1 We Are the 1% 4:50
2 Atlas V 3:20
3 Steganographia 2:57
4 To a Million Places (Terrance) 3:10
5 Vanity and Compacency 2:44
6 Pattern Refraction 2:06
7 Three Words: New World Order 1:32
8 The Cult of Mithras 2:54
9 Another Truth 4:00
10 C’est ce qu’elle dit valse 4:56
11 Occupty Tarsus 1:56
12 Threnody for Mithras 3:15
13 Pattern Recognition 1:56
14 Scherzando 1:10
15 The Conspiracy 4:10