Clearly one of the most original horror film scores in recent time, Daniel Alcheh’s The Man Who Collected Food is a two-fold listening experience where a traditional genre underscore is juxtaposed by energetic baroque-style compositions performed with precision and elegance by The Lyris Quartet. It was the director’s idea to use baroque music for certain scenes in this acclaimed, multiple award-winning horror comedy about an avid food collector who resorts to the questionable act of cannibalism, and the composer wrote several neo-baroque pieces that injects large amounts of energy, drive, sophistication, elegance and originality into this score. Holding the different elements of the soundtrack together is a strong thematic and harmonic idea. We are proud to work for the first time with the very talented Daniel Alcheh and hope that we will do many more albums with him!


SWR11004 • THE MAN WHO COLLECTED FOOD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DANIEL ALCHEH
Release date: June 28, 2011 (CD/online)


1 The Dagger: Theme from “The Man Who Collected Food” 2.49
2 Opening Credits 1.49
3 First Food Convention 1.11
4 Dinner Home Alone 3.24
5 Kelvin’s Story 1.39
6 Group Therapy 1.14
7 Alien’s Escape 1.10
8 La Caccia 2.15
9 The Chair 2.32
10 Kelvin’s Confession 1.41
11 Sneaking In & Anamnesis 3.48
12 Miguel’s Lucky Day 2.34
13 Indecision 1.34
14 Visitation Rights 1.14
15 Finishing Off Mother 2.14
16 Last Food Convention 1.12
17 You Can’t Eat Us 1.11
18 Miguel’s Worst Nightmare 1.56
19 The Breakout 3.35
20 The Dagger: Reprise 2.25
21 New Food Fridays 0.07