Shadow in the Trees (Jeff Toyne)



Continuing to explore the music of the most talented and exciting new film composers, MovieScore Media presents Jeff Toyne’s original score from the upcoming horror thriller Shadow in the Trees online as well as on CD distributed by Screen Archives (

Performed by the Budapest Symphony Orchestra and featuring the leading Canadian women’s choir, Elektra, the score for Shadow in the Trees is a classic, elegant and exciting listening experience. It features a strong main theme and makes use of several other secondary themes, and all of the music is beautifully orchestrated with violin solos (performed by Mark Fewer) playing an important role throughout the work. Besides his work as a composer in his own right, Jeff Toyne has worked as an orchestrator on some of the most exciting action scores to come out of Hollywood in recent time, including Edward Shearmur’s Sky Captain and the World of Tomorrowand Klaus Badelt’s Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.

Shadow in the Trees is the first full-length feature film directed by Chris Smith, whose personal experience (losing his father who gave his life to save a young boy from drowning) led to the screenplay and realization of the story about a boy who is suddenly left without a family when his father disappears. The film is produced by TJ Films and stars Chris Smith, Danny Tilles, Nick Smith, Kevin Novotny and Dave Hamilton.

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CD edition is limited to 500 copies.

MMS07007 • SHADOW IN THE TREES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JEFF TOYNE
Online release date: June 12, 2007.
CD release date: July 24, 2007.


1 Opening Titles 1.44
2 A Strange Carving 2.16
3 Something Outside the Tent 2.27
4 A Morning Jog 1.47
5 The Scrapbook 0.51
6 Jo’s Story 1.16
7 The Gas Station 1.19
8 Mr. Matthew’s Dream 2.08
9 The Church 2.01
10 Research Montage 1.37
11 Rogue River Station 2.20
12 Mr. Edwards’ Dream 2.14
13 The Lone Dirt Road 2.08
14 The Truck Stops – Confrontation 2.48
15 Hospital Vision 3.06
16 A Warning 2.39
17 Faith Talk 2.13
18 The Mothman 2.29
19″It’s After Me” 3.31
20 Drive to the Photos 0.58
21 Finding Pete 2.18
22 Final Confrontation 3.19
23 Epiphany 2.15
24 Faith Returns 2.32
25 Credits 3.20

    Shadow in the Trees (Jeff Toyne)