Shadows in the Sun (Mark Thomas)



The original score from the Brad Mirman picture Shadows in the Sun, starring Harvey Keitel, Joshua Jackson and Clarie Forlani, is now available from MovieScore Media and iTunes.

The music is composed and conducted by prolific British composer Mark Thomas, whose other film credits include music for films such as DoogalGreyfriars Bobby and Dog Soldiers.Mark Thomas poetic and touching orchestral music fuses elements of romantic underscoring, featuring many delightful solo parts, with Italian folk music, resulting in an honest and beautiful musical work.

The film premiered at the Cannes Film Festival last year, and it’s coming out on DVD in the USA on April 25, in the UK on June 26. It will also be released theatrically by Sonet Film in Sweden on March 24.

MMS06002 • SHADOWS IN THE SUN (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed and conducted by MARK THOMAS
Release date: March 14, 2006


1 Opening Titles 3:20
2 Off to Italy 1:32
3 Hunting for Weldon 1:48
4 Shadows Beguine 2:58
5 Weldon Drives 1:16
6 Places in the Heart 1:30
7 Romantic Daydreams 1:52
8 Isabella: Love Theme 2:36
9 Weldon’s Office 4:36
10 Riding Free 1:42
11 Santa Lucia 2:50
12 Start Over 1:41
13 Going Home 1:40
14 The Writer Awakes 2:32
15 Farewell 2:12

    Shadows in the Sun (Mark Thomas)