Shadows (Ryan Shore)


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We continue our exciting relationship with composer Ryan Shore, whose music for Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and Numb was released on CD by MovieScore Media last year.

Shadows is the new film by Academy Award-nominated director Milcho Manchevski (Before the Rain) and it’s a mysterious drama with thriller elements telling the story about the son of a famous physician. This CD release follows the theatrcial release of Shadows in the USA on January 30. The orchestral score for Shadows provides a dark and restrained emotional accompaniment to the film’s story, where the esoteric performances of vocal soloist Janita gives the film and score a unique sound – and a big heart!

Ryan Shore won the Gold Medal for Excellence at the Park City Film Music Festival for Shadows, Numb, Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer and The Girl Next Door – all of them available from MovieScore Media (The Girl Next Door as a digital album via Film Music Downloads)!

MMS09004 • SHADOWS (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by RYAN SHORE
Release date: February 3, 2009.


1 Shadows 1.48
2 Crash 1.28
3 Appearance 2.18
4 Menka 1.30
5 Cadaver 1.35
6 Kalina 2.55
7 Apartment 2.53
8 Peephole 1.37
9 Tunnel Nightmare 1.54
10 Propelling 1.19
11 Following Menka 2.15
12 Mailbox 3.55
13 The Hospital 2.49
14 Police 1.05
15 Lazar’s Building 1.58
16 Lucky 3.03
17 Menka Hangs 1.18
18 Revelation 4.29
19 Journey 1.31
20 Burial 4.54
21 Lazar and Dad 1.42

    Shadows (Ryan Shore)