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The Dark (Edmund Butt)

The Dark (Edmund Butt)


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Edmund Butt is a highly talented British composer of music for film and television and yet another very interesting up and coming voice discovered by MovieScore Media in their quest to present high quality contemporary film scores to the international soundtrack audience.

The score for the thriller The Dark, starring Maria Bello and Sean Bean under the direction of John Fawcett, is a musical excursion into eerie misterioso territories where the composer explores the darkest and most brooding sonorities of the orchestra. In the spirit of the legendary Jerry Goldsmith, Edmund Butt also incorporates strikingly rich electronic sounds into his score, giving the music a unique edge. Another important element is the used of processed vocals. In fact, Edmund Butt’s first experiences in the film music business was as a session player, working on Goldsmith’s Basic Instinctamong others. He subsequently orchestrated several scores for Trevor Jones and is now working as a composer in his own right.

The Dark was released by Constantin Film last year, produced by Impact Pictures and Jeremy Bolt and Paul W.S. Anderson (the director of Resident Evil). The music was recorded in London at Whitfield Street Studios, engineered by the great Mike Ross-Trevor.

MMS06013 • THE DARK (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music composed by EDMUND BUTT
Release date: November 14, 2006


1 The Dark 3:26
2 Imprisoned 2:34
3 Sarah’s Drowned 3:01
4 Ebrill 4:34
5 Behind Closed Doors 2:46
6 Father & Daughter 2:56
7 Chased to Barn 3:24
8 History Tells Us So 3:16
9 Welsh Legends 2:45
10 Sea Rescue 2:24
11 Torture 3:31
12 Can You Be My Daddy 3:06

    The Dark (Edmund Butt)