The Home of Dark Butterflies (Panu Aaltio)



Finland’s contribution to the 2009 Academy Awards, The Home of Dark Butterflies, features an astonishingly beautiful orchestral score penned by newcomer Panu Aaltio, a composer who has been working on many of Tuomas Kantelinen’s scores as an assistant and orchestrator, and who also scored acclaimed Finnish horror film Sauna last year.

His score for The Home of Dark Butterflies is a deeply emotional work, recorded with a string orchestra in London, conducted by Matt Dunkley. 26-year old Aaltio makes prominent use of solo piano in his score, while his string writing has a stroke of minimalism that perhaps will remind some listeners of the work of Michael Nyman.

“The style of the music is somewhat different from what I had done before. I’ve always had minimalist influences in my work, influenced by my background in electronic music as well as classical. But here we went an extra step into that direction,” the composer says. “And the instrumentation in the music is purposefully cold to match the look and atmosphere of the film.”

Panu Aaltio’s score for The Home of Dark Butterflies was nominated to the 2009 Jussi Award in Finland.

MMS09005 • THE HOME OF DARK BUTTERFLIES (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by PANU AALTIO
Release date: February 10, 2009


1 Main Title 0.56
2 Big Plans 1.57
3 Fever and Nightmares 1.55
4 Unwelcome Visit 2.04
5 The Butterfly Project 1.54
6 Boys Decide to Stay 1.35
7 Juhani’s Great Loss 0.53
8 Memories in Water 2.40
9 Jealous Christmas 4.39
10 Alone 3.39
11 The Farewell 2.43
12 Spring Arrives 0.56
13 Glimpse of Happiness 2.02
14 The Past Revealed 4.01
15 We Can Be Just As Fragile 1.56
16 Point of No Return 4.44
17 Forgiveness 2.55
18Saying Goodbye 1.50

    The Home of Dark Butterflies (Panu Aaltio)