The Legend of Silkboy (Alain Mayrand)


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Continuing to nurture the growth of a new generation of highly talented film composers with a strong symphonic voice, MovieScore Media is very proud to introduce fans and aficionados to the musical world of Alain Mayrand.

His big orchestral score for the animated Jackie Chan movie The Legend of Silkboy is an exercise in delightful symphonic wall-to-wall scoring taking us into a magical world of adventure, fantasy and excitement.

A plethora of themes is used throughout the score, which will remind listeners of such film music heroes as John Williams, Jerry Goldsmith and Patrick Doyle. Highly enjoyable score!

MMS10015 • THE LEGEND OF SILKBOY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed and Conducted by ALAIN MAYRAND
Release date (CD/download): August 3, 2010


1 Soaring Over Old London 1.49
2 Xu Rongcun’s London Escapade 1.41
3 The Filthington Family March 1.56
4 The Queen’s Presentation 1.13
5 Filthington’s Forced Exit 1.38
6 Tammy and Silkboy 2.55
7 The Clash of the Robot Gladiators 2.36
8 The Deceitful Entreaties of Filthington 2.29
9 Tammy’s Bad Day 1.42
10 What’s Wrong with Following My Dreams? 3.53
11 Sneaking In 3.33
12 Sucked Into The Magical Painting 1.41
13 ‘Rough Landing / Meeting Lucky and Anya 2.39
14 Spores on the Wind! 3.36
15 Round ‘Em Up and Move ‘Em Out! / Filthington’s Conjuring Mishap 2.56
16 Arrival at The Enchanted Forest 3.01
17 Filthington’s Lament 1.09
18 Over the Hill, Across the Desert and Into the Sandstorm 2.05
19 Bubble Flight Over The Great Tree / Meeting the Ginseng King 1.49
20 The Ginseng Slammatocious Vibe 3.17
21 The Epic Battle for the Talismans 2.47
22 The Goddess Revealed 2.40
23 Return to Shanghai / Grandfather’s Great Escape 2.50
24 Engage! 1.07
25 The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part I 3.43
26 The Fantastic Highway Chase: Part II 2.01
27 The Flying Bus / The Jaws of Doom 1.45
28 A Flower Done Wrong / Arriving at Destination 1.50
29 Freeing the Goddess 1.13
30 Filthington’s Bluff / The Goddess Departs 1.35
31 Saying Farewell 1.38
32 All is Well that End’s Well… Almost! 1.42
33 “One Boy’s Dream” 2.32

    The Legend of Silkboy (Alain Mayrand)

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