The Possibility of an Island (Mathis B. Nitschke)


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Famous author Michel Houellebecq directed the film version of his novel La Possibilité d’une île last year and hired German composer Mathis B. Nitschke to write the strikingly original score.

Nitschke has written numerous scores for the stage as well as concert works, and his score for Possibility of an Island showcases a composer with a style of his own, channelled through different settings in the score: Possibility of an Island is an orchestral score with several epic elements, such as a big fanfare and big romantic statements where the orchestra is joined by choir, but it also features many intimate moments with solos for viola and piano, and a quirky electronic waltz.

Possibility of an Island was one of the most unusual and interesting film scores of 2008 and one that really deserves a CD release!

MMS09007 • THE POSSIBILITY OF AN ISLAND (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by MATHIS B. NITSCHKE
Release date: March 24, 2009


1 Beginning Titles 1.32
2 Fanfare 1.02
3 The Last Phase 2.53
4 Animator Leaves 1.30
5 Tango 1.53
6 In the Desert 1.32
7 Daniel23 Leaves 4.43
8 Reincarnation 1.56
9 The Prophet’s Piano 4.21
10 La Source 3.53
11 Marie23 on Lanzarote 1.12
12 Rolling Titles 2.17
13 Finale 4.16
14 Sexy Queen 3.17
15 Tanze! 2.50
16 Cakace Waltz 1.38

    The Possibility of an Island (Mathis B. Nitschke)