The Rocket Post (Nigel Clarke & Michael Csányi-Wills)



The composers of the acclaimed orchestral scores for The Thief Lord and The Little Vampire, UK-based duo Nigel Clarke and Michael Csányi-Wills, has written a beautiful romantic score for the The Rocket Post, a British drama featuring Danish star Ulrich Thomsen, Shauna Macdonald and Gary Lewis. MovieScore Media proudly presents the official soundtrack release of this film’s first-rate score, performed by The Royal Philharmonic Orchestra and featuring an original song, ”Distant Shores”, sung by Mae McKenna. This is a real gem of a score and one that really had to be ”discovered”!

It took many years before The Rocket Post was finally released in November last year. The shoot ended in 2001 and the film’s director, Stephen Whittaker, passed away in 2003. Producer Mark Shorrock: “For those years when Rocket Post remained unreleased, Michael and Nigel’s score kept the film alive for me and other members of our crew. Whenever you dipped into their gorgeous score, there came hope for the film that the financiers would finally release it. Working with Michael and Nigel was a producer’s joy. They understood immediately our little film and its undercurrent of strong emotion. And they worked so hard in such little time. Nigel beavered away orchestrating all the parts for the musicians, one man doing the job of ten men, and all the while in the background Michael’s piano playing bringing to life the quiet power of our film. And then there was the day when the film came alive to Michael and Nigel’s music.”

The music for The Rocket Post is a classic example of melodic, theme-driven orchestral film music at its best. Clarke and Csányi-Wills build their score around several themes, including a memorable main theme which has a folk music-like simplicity and beauty which works both for intimate solos and full-blown orchestral statements. There are also several dramatic tracks in the score, and darker thematic material as well. Performed with great passion by the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Rocket Post is a score that deserves a large audience outside the film it was composed for.

CD edition is limited to 1000 copies.

MMS07006 • THE ROCKET POST (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: July 3, 2007


1 Distant Shores 4.47
2 The Islands 2.09
3 Catherine’s Visit 2.11
4 Betrayal 3.55
5 Impressions 1.55
6 Betrothed 1.52
7 Heart Broken 2.23
8 Building the Rocket 1.44
9 First Love 1.32
10 Kiss 2.46
11 From Across the Sea 1.37
12 Whales Rescue 4.09
13 Sir Ramsay’s Party 1.13
14 Failure 1.40
15 First Flight 2.55
16 Heinz’s Threat 2.08
17 Paint Dance 1.01
18 Zucker’s Death 3.31
19 Together & Distant Shores 5.20

    The Rocket Post (Nigel Clarke & Michael Csányi-Wills)