The Roost (Jeff Grace)



Composer Jeff Grace spent three years of his life exploring Middle-Earth, working as the assistant to composer Howard Shore who created the musical world of Tolkien’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. Since then, Grace has pursued a career as a film composer in his own right – and now, MovieScore Media proudly announces Grace’s debut soundtrack album featuring his innovative score for the acclaimed horror film The Roost, directed by Ti West. In addition to this score, the album also features the highly original music Grace recently wrote for another horror film, Travis Betz’ Joshua.

Grace’s music is refreshingly modern. Both The Roost andJoshua are written for string quartet using many experimental avant garde techniques, augmented by eerie electronic sound design and, in the case of Joshua, the very striking voice of soprano Joanna Mongiardo. Grace is a classically trained composer who, besides film scores, was selected for American Opera Projects’ 2005-2006 Composers and The Voice Series. He has also worked with composer Robert Ruggieri on his ballet scores and as an orchestrator for trumpeter Roy Hargrove. In terms of new film scores, Grace has just finished work on Larry Fessenden’s The Last Winter starring Ron Perlman.

The Roost, which was ranked as one of the top-10 films of 2005 by the Bloody Disgusting web site, opened theatrically in the US and UK earlier this year and will be released on DVD in the USA in October. Joshua was released on DVD by Hart Sharp Video in February.

MMS06010 • THE ROOST (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed and conducted by JEFF GRACE
Release date: July 25, 2006


1 Our Host 1:28
2 The Roost 1:48
3 The Barn 2:26
4 First Attack 1:43
5 What Do We Do 1:58
6 Zombie Attack 1:36
7 Pitchfork 2:17
8 Gun Shot 1:57
9 The Shed 2:11
10 Transformation 1:09
11 Dark Terror 2:40
12 Arm Munch 1:26
13 Run For Your Life 2:24
14 Opening Titles 2:45
15 Woods Fight 1:02
16 Step Right Up 1:23
17 Finding Joshua 3:27
18 This Is Annie 5:07

    The Roost (Jeff Grace)