The Shrine (Ryan Shore)


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Ryan Shore and Screamworks Records are proud to announce that our album featuring the original score fromThe Shrine has been nominated for a Grammy by the National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences in the category “Best Score Soundtrack for Visual Media”.

MovieScore Media has released seven albums by Ryan Shore, including the acclaimed Rex Steele: Nazi Smasher, Headspaceand Jack Brooks: Monster Slayer. Our first CD together on the Screamworks label features Shore’s second score for Jack Brooksdirector Jon Knautz,The Shrine. For this story about a group of young journalists who investigate a cult said to practice human sacrifice, the composer goes into ominous “under-your-skin” territory in a way akin to his effective music for The Girl Next Door. The eerie score also features some gothic pipe organ music and, as a special treat for our album, the composer has made a special variation arrangement of this thematic material! Our soundtrack release co-incides with the VOD and theatrical release of the film, distributed in the US by IFC Midnight.

SWR11005 • THE SHRINE (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music composed by RYAN SHORE
Release date: July 5, 2011 (online) / July 12 (CD)


1 The Shrine 3.28
2 Polish Prelude 1.25
3 Eric Taylor 1.15
4 The Chase 2.14
5 A Dense Fog 1.54
6 Henryk 1.41
7 Hunted in the Lodge 1.59
8 The Torture Ceremony 4.36
9 Henryk Chases Marcus 1.40
10 Carmen’s Spiral 7.09
11 Crucifixion 6.18
12 The Curse 3.49
13 Polish Variations 2.42

    The Shrine (Ryan Shore)

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