The Sisters (Thomas Morse)



With the sensitive and emotional orchestral score for Arthur Allan Seidelman’s ensemble piece The Sisters, composer Thomas Morse emerges as a new major film scoring talent. The music for this film, which was inspired by Anton Chekhov’s famous novel The Three Sisters and stars Erika Christensen, Maria Bello, Mary Stuart Masterson, Chris O’Donnell, Eric McCormack and Rip Torn, shows that there is still room for such novel things as melody and confident thematic writing in modern cinema!

Composer Thomas Morse, whose previous credits include The Big Brass Ring (based on Orson Welles’ last script and starring William Hurt), the thriller Michael Angel (starring Dennis Hopper) and Jerry Bruckheimer’s TV series The Amazing Race, has crafted a very emotional and sophisticated score for The Sisters. Recorded with a first-rate orchestra in Seattle, Morse’s music is built around strong thematic material and well-tempered orchestrations focusing on strings, piano and woodwinds. “Thomas’ work is always true to the artistic intentions of the film, yet entrancing on a purely aural level,” comments director Arthur Allan Seidelman.

In addition to film music, Thomas Morse is also a composer of concert music and he is currently working on an album featuring modern orchestral music entitled Kounterpoint. He has also worked as a pop arranger for artists such as Michael Hutchence and Guns n’ Roses.

The Sisters is an intimate drama that was described as “intelligent, observant entertainment designed for an adult audience” by the San Francisco Chronicle, and hailed as a “superbly crafted drama of depth and perception” by CBS Radio. It was shown at the Tribeca Film Festival in New York and the Hollywood Film Festival and will be released on DVD on June 13, co-inciding with the online release of the score album on iTunes.

MMS06007 • THE SISTERS (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed and conducted by THOMAS MORSE
Release date: June 13, 2006


1 Memories of Father 2:07
2 Sisters Theme Suite 2:57
3 Old Friends 0:41
4 How They Met 2:19
5 Vincent and Marcia 2:56
6 Nancy’s Story 2:07
7 I’m Not Going 1:12
8 Back to Charleston 1:58
9 Gary’s Confession 0:46
10 The Wedding 4:38
11 I’m in Recovery 1:20
12 Vincent Leaves 5:49
13 I Sold the House 1:16
14 The Crash 4:29
15 Sisters End Titles 3:00

    The Sisters (Thomas Morse)