The Vault (Shaun Drew)



MovieScore Media’s latest venture into meshing genres is the music from the new James Franco heist thriller The Vault, in which composer Shaun Drew mixes the minimalist synth sounds of John Carpenter with the orchestral mayhem of The Shining. Co-written by and directed by Dan Bush, The Vault stars Franco (The Disaster Artist) as Ed Maas, the assisting bank manager who gets caught up helping two estranged sisters (Taryn Manning, Francesca Eastwood) pull off the perfect heist in order to save their brother. In fact, their plan goes awry, and it’s soon revealed that there are otherworldly forces involved in the caper, as the siblings battle forces way beyond their imagination…

“Scoring The Vault was a great opportunity to participate in a fun genre mashup  combining a modern-day bank heist with classic horror elements“ explains the composer. “The director, Dan Bush, has great vision and excellent taste in music. We worked with the goal of developing a classic, signature sound for the film, paying homage to John Carpenter and Brian Eno — whilst occasionally harkening back to Kubrick’s use of music for The Shining. We were pleased with the end result, and feel that The Vault was able to develop its own memorable sound and musical through-line, to enhance the characters and story.“

Though he has been in the business for more than a decade, composer Shaun Drew makes his original soundtrack release debut for MovieScore Media with The Vault. Drew’s most notable scores are written for Warner Brothers/DC Comics partnerships, and are thus part of the animated universe of the comic book publisher. Drew’s music can be heard in the hit YouTube series DC Super Hero Girls, the new animated franchise focusing on the high school days of DC’s favourite heroines and villainesses. Shaun also composed music for the 75th anniversary DC Comics documentary, Secret Origin: The Story of DC Comics. His first solo recording effort, an ambient album called The Great Dissolve, was met with positive critical reviews, and was honored as a finalist by the Independent Music Awards.

MMS17019 • THE VAULT (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SHAUN DREW
Release date (digital): December 15, 2017


1 Wanna Survive Today? 4:06
2 Fix It! 4:14
3 We’re Not Going To Hurt Anybody 2:44
4 Not Going Anywhere 1:52
5 Did Not Follow Protocol 2:38
6 You Set Us Up 3:50
7 Opening The Vault 2:55
8 Make It Stop 2:20
9 Count the Hostages 2:34
10 Kramer 4:14
11 The Whimpering 1:56
12 Maybe I Was Wrong 4:17
13 Give You Something 2:26
14 Leah’s Foreboding 2:21
15 Reconciliation and Reconstruction 5:17

    The Vault (Shaun Drew)

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