Toxic (Scott Glasgow)


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The composer of Chasing Ghosts and Hack!, as well as Robotech: The Shadow Chronicles, Bone Dry and The Gene Generation, created a gritty, urban score for Alan Pao’s action thriller Toxic, which stars Susan Ward, Corey Large, Master P, Dominique Sawin, Danny Trejo and Tom Sizemore.

Our score album has been in the works for some time – allowing time for some remixing and remastering of certain cues for the CD – and we are excited to finally be able to announce the release of Scott’s score, which apart from eerie electronic music and hard-hitting action cues also feature some striking film noir-ish mystery music and effective horror cues.

With this score, Glasgow demonstrates a different side to his musical voice: a modern approach to film scoring in the style of Harry Gregson-Williams and John Powell, still with his own voice and artistic integrity shining through the layers contemporary rhythms and sound design.

MMS09021 • TOXIC (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by SCOTT GLASGOW
Release date (digital): October 6, 2009
Release date (download): October 13, 2009


1 The Psychic 1.26
2 Rooftop Chase 1.37
3 Ghost Story 2.32
4 Duality 2.42
5 Lucille 3.00
6 The Accident 0.58
7 Kitchen Fight 1.40
8 Saving Sid’s Jon 0.48
9 Bedtime Fears 1.30
10 The Club 1.25
11 Nadia Talks to Angel / Michelle 3.17
12 Haunted by a Young Girl 1.21
13 Van Sant’s Phone Call 2.39
14 Crying 0.38
15 Daddy Nightmare 2.46
16 Touching Shower 1.27
17 Hooking / Hiding Lucille 2.00
18 Angel’s Death 2.44
19 Consolation 1.53
20 Lucille Breaks Through 1.25
21 A Crack in Reality 4.32
22 There Can Be Only One 2.49
23 Transmogrification 0.47
24 Visions of Lucille 0.43

    Toxic (Scott Glasgow)

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