Treasure Guards (Michael Richard Plowman)



Composer Michael Richard Plowman has really made an impressive break-through in 2011 with his two feature film scores Age of Heroes and A Lonely Place to Die, both released on CD by MovieScore Media.

We are excited to work with Michael for the third time this year, offering you his truly exciting action adventure Treasure Guards. The big, orchestral score (which also incorporates substantial choral writing, ethnic colours and adrenaline-pumping rhythm programming) is written for a story about “treasure guards” working for a covert organization based in the Vatican and a race to secure the ancient Seal of Solomon.

The German television movie stars Anna Friel and Raoul Bova and Michael Richard Plowman’s feature film approach to the movie results in a lot of musical excitement with an epic main theme, an exquisite Barry-esque love theme and a lot of propulsive action music.

MMS11019 • TREASURE GUARDS (Original Television Soundtrack)
Release date: November 29, 2011


1 Transformations and Oxford 2.17
2 Love Theme and Sneaking Into Rome 2.05
3 Follow That Car! / The Ring of Power 2.39
4 The Tomb and the Scroll of Solomon 2.50
5 Remembering the Past 1.18
6 Race for the Prize and Escape from the Museum 2.26
7 Love and Sand / One Place Left to Look 1.52
8 Diamonds and Guns 2.52
9 Serpent, Snakes and Wasps 3.04
10 A Real Treasure Guard 2.01
11 The Break-In and Passing the Time 2.26
12 Becoming a Treasure Guard 2.10
13 Dad and Real Feelings 3.01
14 It’s Not a Picasso 1.25
15 The Vatican 1.58
16 Distrust 2.13
17 Stealing the Secrets 1.30
18 Antiquity Suite (Scherzo-Andante-Presto) 4.24
19 A Delicate Past and Hidden Secrets 1.38
20 Treasure Guards 0.36

    Treasure Guards (Michael Richard Plowman)