Unknown Soldier (Peter Calandra)

The infectious jazz score for the award-winning urban dramaUnknown Soldier directed by Ferenc Toth was written by New York-based composer Peter Calandra, who is an accomplished jazz musician and composer. For this film, he delivers a sensitive score filled with engaging rhythms and emotional melodic writing. The score is performed by a handpicked jazz group featuring Dale Kleps (saxophones), Bud Burridge (trumpet), Howard Joines (drums and percussion), Kermit Driscoll (acoustic bass) and the composer himself (piano and keyboards).

In addition to the Unknown Soldier score, the album contains three bonus tracks by Peter Calandra, three moving piano compositions that accompany the film score beautifully.

The film’s director Ferenc Toth: ”Peter’s simple, elegant and moving score supplements the drama of Unknown Soldierbeautifully. Peter’s jazz sound recalls our great American urban music. Most importantly, his score brought unity and emotional resonance to our story. Peter seduced our audience into deeper emotional engagement into Ellison’s story of innocence, loss, wandering, anger, and ultimately, renewal. Never showy or calling attention to itself, Peter’s score is the work of a man in command of many styles with a mature and distinctive sound.”

MMS06001 • UNKNOWN SOLDIER (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed and produced by PETER CALANDRA
Release date: Jan 24, 2006


1 Opening Party 2:36
2 City Biking 1:21
3 Teen Hijinks 3:00
4 Fire Escape Meeting 0:54
5 Ellison’s Pain 3:07
6 Searching 2:10
7 Can’t Sleep Here 1:10
8 Ellison’s Choice 2:26
9 The Escape 5:11
10 End Credits 3:21

11 Solemates 1:53
12 Time Returns Once 2:42
13 In the End 3:07

    Unknown Soldier (Peter Calandra)