Vet Hard (Too Fast, Too Furious) (Alex Heffes)


The highly entertaining orchestral score for the Dutch action comedy Vet Hard, also known under it’s English title Too Fat, Too Furious, is written by British film composer Alex Heffes, whose previous credits include the acclaimed documentariesTouching the Void and One Day in September as well as the romantic drama Dear Frankie, comedy The Parole Officer and the thriller Trauma.

Performed by the Metropole Orchestra of Amsterdam, the playful and varied Vet Hard music incorporates the popular song “Una Paloma Blanca”, featured prominently in the film.

Produced by Fu Works and Motel Films in co-production with Clockwork Pictures, Thura Film and BNN, Vet Hard is directed by young Dutch director Tim Oliehoek and based on the Danish 2002 comedy Old Men In New Cars written by Anders Thomas Jensen. It was one of the most successful films of the Dutch box office in 2005, earning a Dutch Film Award. Abroad, the film has been sold to countries such as Belgium, Germany and Russia.

MovieScore Media’s release of the Vet Hard score co-incides with the DVD release of the film in Germany, where it’s being promoted under the title Hammerhart.

Vet Hard tells the story about Bennie, a snack bar owner, who has been behind bars for five years after a failed attempt to rob a jeweller’s. When he gets out he is unpleasantly surprised by the news that his foster father Mast is dying. And then the real son of Mast turns up: Koen, a nutcase womanizer, who falls in love with the suicidal Katia. She, on her part, causes Bennie and Koen problems on their hunt for money, which they need to provide Mast with an illegal donor liver. A bank robbery gets totally out of hand and a fixed bet looses them the last of their money. Then they get one more chance: a raid on a money transport. But that doesn’t go according to plan either…

MMS06006 • VET HARD (TOO FAT, TOO FURIOUS) (Original Motion Picture Score)
Music composed by ALEX HEFFES
Release date: May 30, 2006


1 Opening 1:15
2 Ram Raid 1:29
3 Mast in Hospital 2:25
4 Train 0:41
5 Prison Break-Out 4:38
6 The Bank Job 5:11
7 Car Chase 1:50
8 Vet Hard Valkyrie 0:48
9 Betsy 1:27
10 A Psycho Romance 2:42
11 Benny Is Jealous 2:03
12 Vuc in Action 2:41
13 The Airport 6:12
14 Mast’s Last Words 1:29
15 Finale 2:08

    Vet Hard (Too Fast, Too Furious) (Alex Heffes)